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Gender-Disparity concerns? Your One-stop solution starts here.

A holistic, insight-based solution that delivers measurable and visible results.
Accessible 24/7 through online and offline options; sustained and measurable progress; customised to your workplace

Founder & CEO - Rainmaker

FMCG Co-founder of El Grocer

Online Strategy and Development

Business Execution-Rollout

Research Mining | Ex-TNS


Naheed Chowdhry

A true Global Citizen leading the gender diversity crusade with a multi-pronged
approach summarized in the all-powerful, “IWILL” initiative.

With over 15+ years of comprehensive experience in high-pressure and
diverse environments with Unilever, Mondelez, Groupe Bel and The Hershey
Company, across Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Our Coaches

Scott Johnston

LL.B(Hons) Barrister-at-Law

Scott is personable, determined and empathetic, adopting a 'coach approach' to legal issues and client care. Advice takes into account not only bald legal considerations but also the bigger picture for You - sometimes the law simply won't give you the answer you are seeking.

Talat Khan

Chief Content Officer

Talat Khan is a passionate educationalist with over 20+ years’ experience in the UK education sector. She is the founder of AdvantageSEND Consulting with a focus on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. An international author and advocate for continued professional Read More...

Richard Reid

Expert in Charisma

Richard’s early career in consulting for a major multi-national business consultancy, where he specialised in information technology and customer service, enabled him to observe and experience first-hand workplace issues such as management styles, wellness and stress, work related trauma and Read More...

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