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Gender-Disparity concerns? Your One-stop solution starts here.

A holistic, insight-based solution that delivers measurable and visible results.
Accessible 24/7 through online and offline options; sustained and measurable progress; customised to your workplace

Founder & CEO - Rainmaker

FMCG Co-founder of El Grocer

Online Strategy and Development

Business Execution-Rollout

Research Mining | Ex-TNS


Naheed Chowdhry

A true Global Citizen leading the gender diversity crusade with a multi-pronged
approach summarized in the all-powerful, “IWILL” initiative.

With over 15+ years of comprehensive experience in high-pressure and
diverse environments with Unilever, Mondelez, Groupe Bel and The Hershey
Company, across Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

infographic2 BetaBootcamp timeHit the beast it the Ground RunningGetting to Know you

We begin with a 1-2 hour Insights-Mining session jointly conducted by an Insights professional and an Executive coach in a relaxed atmosphere,
with key workplace leaders –both male and female. We include the CxO or equivalent team as well as the next level of department head equivalents. We uncover their overall opinions about the current conversation and the 2-3 collective concerns that personally bother them about
gender-disparity in the workplace We expect to unearth at least 2-3 major Aha! Moments as inputs into the next stage.

We use the insights from the above as a starting point to customise our online research where mid-senior leaders and CxO leaders will give their
individual opinions and cite fears/concerns that would not have completely emerged in an open forum. We provide a safe forum to anonymously record soundbytes and opinions. This content will be shared as input into the bootcamp and will be a very fact-based but likely eye-opening assessment
that makes the next steps clear. We then commence the bootcamp to create an time-bound measurable roadmap with clear KPI’s.

Leaders can cascade the learnings and need for a systematic gender-parity approach by enrolling their senior managers in the online course that specifically targets key skills to overcome gender-disparity.

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