We Help Companies and individuals shift mindsets to achieve seemingly impossible business solutions.

Naheed Chowdhry

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A leadership team with +40 years of experience at global blue-chip companies like Unilever, Mondelez, The Hershey Company, TNS and Nielsen.

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Our Services

Our management consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and
opportunities. We have flexible solutions tailored to suit your business needs.

Performance Increase

We work with you to generate significant value through developing growth strategies, Read More

Roadmap Development

A cross-functional effort to alter the financial, operational and strategic trajectory of a business.

Identifying Opportunites

Identifying future competitive threats and growth opportunities


Deliver on core strategy, delight customers and operate smarter and faster.

About Us

A leadership team with +40 years of experience at global blue-chip
companies like Unilever, Mondelez, The Hershey Company, TNS and Nielsen.

Operating extensively in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, China, the UK,
Australia and South Asia.

We advise global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities:
strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformations
and mergers & acquisitions, across all industries and geographies.

Where We’ve Worked

What We Do

We give you an honest, objective, fact-based assessment of your current
situation. We will highlight the critical issues you need to deal with, and
advise on where to begin in order to move your business forward.

We take a very hands on approach, working directly with your board,
management and team, in your offices, to generate practical advice you can
put into action straight away. You can benefit from 20 years of operational
experience from around the world, so you know you are not reinventing the

You know the solutions that will work best in your situation, with your team,
to achieve your goals. With more than 20 years international expertise in
CEO and director level positions, we help you evaluate alternatives, weigh up
trade-offs, and understand risks and consequences. From this, we build a
plan with you that you know your team can implement.

The How

We help you get the information you need to make decisions through:

-Identifying and prioritising issues, root causes and gaps, using
efficient, fact based assessments

-Generating options that enable you to make the most of your existing
and available resources

-Systematically evaluating alternatives, trade-offs and risks, in order to
create clear objectives and back ups

-Developing clear and simple implementation planning and resourcing

The Style

Our work is characterised by bringing commercially focused clarity, with
simplicity and speed, building strategies that are practical and delivering
sustainable results. We are used to working with all kinds of challenges and
resolving issues to make things happen.

Our results focus drives commercial clarity and simplicity in appraising
information quickly and on a timely basis.

We thrive on challenges and succeed through a matter-of-fact, committed,
hands on approach with drive and energy that help overcome issues and
remove roadblocks.

We make things happen by working as a team with our clients, being direct,
honest, and efficient.


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